Bach (arr. Hyken), Toccata y Fuga:

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(Original Organ):
--Choreographic Description:
2 minutes- This is an 8 member group dance that will start with one couple dancing a salsa, joined 1x1 by 3 other dance couples. There is a short percussion section which will be a solo for one of the male dancers. The piece will end with all 4 couples onstage. The ladies will wear swirly dresses of warm solid colors.

Englebert Humperdinck, Hansel & Gretel: “Evening Prayer” and “O look! O look!”

-- Humperdinck and the Brothers Grimm

--The Story of Hansel and Gretel

-- Evening Prayer (exact excerpt takes place at 3’10” – 6’00”): Hansel and Gretel have been traveling through the woods collecting berries for their mother (after they ate their first basket-full!) when it gets dark and they must spend the night in the woods. They stop to sing their evening prayer before falling asleep. Performed by soprano Diana Damrau and mezzo-soprano Heidi Kirchslager, production by the Royal Opera House Covent Garden in 2008.

-- O Look! O Look! (exact excerpt takes place from beginning to 2’42”) Hansel and Gretel wake after their night’s sleep in the forest to find a house made of candy! They sing of how nice it would be to eat and their hopes that the lady who lives inside the house will invite them inside… Performed by soprano Diana Damrau and mezzo-soprano Heidi Kirchslager, production by the Royal Opera House Covent Garden in 2008.

Beethoven (arr. Hyken), Three Rhythmic Excerpts from Symphony No. 5:

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Beethoven, Allegro con brio from Symphony No. 5:

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King, Chants:

--Choreographic Description:
6 minutes- 8 dancers will perform 2 short excerpts from this contemporary ballet by renowned African- American choreographer Alonso King.

This dance work is inspired by traditional recorded music from Zaire, Guinea Senegal and Kenya, with vocal chants all sung by children. The work does not have a narrative line but rather reflects the mood of the music. Alonzo King began his rehearsal process by explaining to the dancers that he believes the body to be an instrument making its own musical line that p[lays along with the musical score, and so has its own individual rhythms and phrasing.

First there will be a 2 minute excerpt from within the opening of this work which is from the repertoire of North Carolina Dance Theatre, which features male and female dancers making individual crossings across the stage. The next section of 4 minutes is a rhythmic and flowing dance for the 4 men. The costumes are primarily light green leotards with short skirts for the ladies and green tops with dance pants for the men.
--Choreographer Alonzo King working with dancers on Chants and with school students in educational performance

--Opening Excerpt from Chants

--Excerpt of Men's Dance from Chants

Bates, Warehouse Medicine:

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--Choreographic Description:
Dancers will enter toward the middle of this piece of music and dance the last 2:50 minutes. This music is very rhythmic, tribal and powerful, so the movement for the dancers is very accented and very influenced by African dance. 4 ladies will be dancing on point to exaggerate the punctuation of their steps. All 8 dancers will come on and dance during the last 2 minutes of the music. The costumes will be colorful, contemporary patchwork bike-a-tards. Some of this piece is improvised movements, but most of it is choreographed, where the dancers are dancing together in unison. First, the 4 ladies will wander on stage with improvised movement. One of the ladies will begin with an African influenced dance phrase. This will be picked up by two men. Then 1x1 other ladies will begin another African dance phrase which will lead into a short solo by one of the men. This is followed by a short boxing section by the 4 men as the ladies improvise behind them. The eight dancers do a short contemporary ballet finale which ends with the men lifting the ladies in an upside-down lift.
--NC Dance Theatre 2 dancers rehearsing Mark Diamonds’ choreography to Warehouse Medicine by Mason Bates

Bernstein, Overture to West Side Story:

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--Vocal Description:
Opera Carolina will sing the melody to “Somewhere”, one of West Side Story’s most well-known songs. The song describes the two main characters’, Maria and Tony, possibility in spending their lives together. Although we will have two females singing this song, the words can also describe the possibility each of our students making a place for the Arts in their lives.
--Choreographic Description:
Charlotte Ballet pre-professional dancers dance to the last 2 minutes of this program finale using contemporary ballet style. The movement made by Mark Diamond is very fast, circular and free. It starts with the female dancers fluttering in and transitions to very strong and big movement by the men. The ladies join them with “partnering” which includes lifts and turns. The piece transitions into a short Mambo, and ends with the dancers in a linear formation. Soft ballet slippers will be worn along with flowing skirts for the ladies.