Literacy Connections

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Composer Hall of Fame - Lesson Starter:
Students will research a famous composer, create a persuasive short essay on that composer and verbally defend their choice to their peers

Allegro con brio from Symphony No. 5
Beethoven Symphony No. 5 - Lesson Starter:
The student will be able to define mood in a story or music and tell the mood of a story or music.

“Evening prayer” and “O look! O look!” from Hansel & Gretel
Hansel and Gretel - Lesson Starter:
Student will explore choices in whether Hansel and Gretel should enter the candy cottage without an invitation and make a claim for the side they choose.

The Arts
3 Writing Starters

a. HUMPERDINCK: “Evening prayer” and “O look! O look!” from Hansel & Gretel