Hello! CMS Elementary Teachers and StaffCharlotte-Mecklenburg is pleased to present a Learning Event for all fifth grade students"ENDLESS POSSIBILITIES"A partnership with the Arts & Science Council, Charlotte Ballet, the Charlotte Symphony, and Opera Carolina.March 8-11, 2016Belk Theater, North Carolina Blumenthal Performing Arts Center

This wiki site is designed for 5th grade classroom teachers and staff to easily access information and curricular activities that may be used in preparing students for attending the performance or as follow-up activities afterwards. Special thanks to our teachers and the arts organization liaisons for their hard work and dedication in creating the site. We know that background knowledge is key to understanding. It is our hope that students will imagine the "Endless Possibilities" that the Arts offer. By taking a glimpse inside the Arts, students will realize the opportunities that exist in the Arts both on stage and behind stage. For many artists, musicians, dancers, actors, they attribute their success to the wonderful education they received. So...On With the Show!
Enduring Understanding:The Arts (dance, music, theatre, and visual arts) reflect our lives!
Essential Questions:

1. How would my life be different if there were no Arts?

What would be the effects of the following:
No Music
No Dance
No Theatre
No Visual Arts
No Film
No Fashion
No Architecture
No Animation
No Books
No Internet
No Make-up

2. How can the Arts enrich my life and that of others?

Personal Interest
Expression: self, political, social, cultural
Critical Thinking
3. How do the Arts bring people together?
Celebrations & Traditions
Problem Solving

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